Callus and Corn

Corns and Calluses can be very painful as the become thicker!

Corns and calluses are caused by excessive friction and pressure against the skin. The repetitive pressure triggers the human bodies natural defence mechanism from blistering by building up a layer of hard skin (callus). There are 2 main types of corns: 1) Hard corns (heloma dura) and soft corns (heloma molle). Common sites for corns are on the ball of the foot due to an imbalance of forefoot pressure or in between toes due to excessive friction (from toes rubbing against each other). Thickening of the whole sole of the foot is called plantar keratoderma.

Our Podiatrist at Foot Solutions Podiatry Clinic can assist in the treatment of corns and calluses, as well detecting if any other conditions may be causing them and rule out other condition.

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Derrick Wong